Transparency and Publicity

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Law 4 August 2017, n. 124 – art. 1, paragraphs 125-129

Fulfillment of the obligations of transparency and publicity.

Public donations received by companies are monitored and publicized, starting from what was received in 2018.

Law no. 124/2017 introduced the obligation to provide evidence of “grants, subsidies, advantages, contributions or aid, in cash and in kind, without consideration, remuneration or compensation” received by the Public Administration, above the threshold of 10,000 euros, according to the cash criterion.

This obligation applies to all taxpayers who carry out business activities pursuant to art. 2195 of the civil code. In particular, for micro-enterprises, sole proprietorships and partnerships, the information relating to the public contributions received must be reported on their websites or on the digital portals of the trade associations, by 30 June of each year.

In compliance with Law 4 August 2017 n. 124 – art. 1, paragraphs 125/129 for the purposes of transparency and publicity, the publication of information relating to grants, contributions, paid assignments and in any case to economic benefits of any kind exceeding € 10,000.00, received annually by Public Administrations and by other subjects, including corporate entities in public control.


Transparency of Individual Aid and in support of the economy in the current emergency of COVID-19
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Agenzia delle entrateDisposizioni in materia di versamento dell’IRAP22/11/2021RIBS SRL€ 1.841,00
Banca del Mezzogiorno MedioCredito Centrale S.p.A.COVID-19: Fondo di garanzia PMI Aiuto di stato SA. 56966 (2020/N)10/12/2020RIBS SOCIETA’ A RESPONSABILITA’ LIMITATA€ 30.000,00