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The Italian liquor industry blends the ancient knowledge of apothecaries and farmers. From the Renaissance to today, it has seen the birth of hundreds of artisanal producers, many of which have reached us today and are known throughout the world as ambassadors of good taste and of an all-Italian spirit industry that has won over the world with its brands. 

ROMA BAR SHOW will celebrate this prized heritage of tradition, culture and history with an area devoted to Italian spirits and liqueurs. In PIAZZA ITALIA centuries-old brands will be presented by the direct descendants of the founding families and established bartenders. Hundreds of traditional products will be available for guests to taste or enjoy in cocktails.

Alongside globally recognized brands, niche products — making up the backbone of the local business sector — will be offered an ideal stage at ROMA BAR SHOW to make themselves known abroad. Stories, aromas, flavors and Italian liquor traditions will be brought together in a large square, presented by those who continue to preserve an ancient tradition whose history is always new when retold.