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This year ROMA BAR SHOW will speak Mexican again in an area specifically dedicated to the country and its spirit tradition. Companies and producers (of products distributed in Europe and elsewhere) will feature, introducing their products to the public. Products not yet on the market will also be presented, encouraging new B2B opportunities with the help of the organizers. Mexico Village will be all about tequila, mezcal, raicilla, bacanora, sotol, Mexican whiskey, Mexican rum, pox, Mexican liqueurs, agave syrups and much, much more. 

The area will become a “town square” hosting various events and where brands can showcase their products through presentations, talks, guest bartending and a cocktail bar to celebrate the International Paloma Day. Mexico Village will also be about food, traditional Mexican cuisine, and art. Thanks to the work done in Rome by La Punta Expendio de Agave and its constant search for new drinks and cuisine, a street food area will be included, involving exponents of Mexican cuisine, chefs who will bring to ROMA BAR SHOW the values of a land that is rich in flavors.

A key aspect will be the focus that ROMA BAR SHOW and the Mexico Village will bring to arts and crafts, including musical entertainment and engagement with the public. The Mexican embassy will also be in attendance, opening the Mexico Village with a dedicated ceremony.