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An area covering more than 300 sqm will be devoted exclusively to the multifaceted world of gin. It was organized with the experts of – a portal which is a point of reference for the gin culture in Italy. Manufacturers and distributors both from Italy and abroad will offer their best juniper spirits for visitors to taste and enjoy. Some of the brands can also be tasted at the exclusive Gin Lounge Bar, where expert bartenders, selected by, will create ad hoc Gin Tonic using the available gin. The “Adopt a Gin” area will be made available to producers who are looking for importers and distributors in Italy. In the same area, several events, seminars, story cooking shows and presentations, with cocktail creation live performances will take place. 

The gin sector is undergoing unstoppable growth. Indeed, this spirit seems to have unlimited potential: there are thousands of varieties of gin, each different from the other and meeting the taste of a wide range of spirit lovers. Together with vodka, gin is the most common basis for cocktails of all kinds, not only the very popular Gin Tonic. The goal of is disseminating the culture of gin and responsible drinking by supporting producers and distributors and organising educational activities for consumers.