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ROMA BAR SHOW will also speak Mexican: an area will be especially devoted to this fascinating country and its rich spirit traditions.  We are talking about “Mexico Village”, a platform and an RBS areas where manufacturers, companies, and products (both already distributed in Europe and not) will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves and gain visibility. Therefore, Mexico Village will be an area devoted to all Mexican spirits: not only the famous Tequila and Mezcal but also Sotol, Bacanora, Rum, Pox, Sciroppi and many more. In order to allow everybody to appreciate the Mexico Village products at their best, a real Mexican-style cocktail bar is going to be recreated in the Village, with guest bartenders coming from different Mexican or Mexico-inspired bars from all over the world (Limantour Bar in Mexico City, La Mezcaleria in Paris, El Copitas in Saint Petersburg, etc.). Mexico Village is a tribute to Mexican culture in its entirety, not only a homage to its spirits. In this small ecosystem in the heart of ROMA BAR SHOW you can find all the colours, fragrances, taste, atmosphere, and music of Mexico. 


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